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Weather permitting, all events will go on as scheduled. If a tournament is canceled because of severe weather, SBS will re-schedule the event at a later date. The tournament cancelation will occur no later than 48 hours before the event.

Pre tournament coffee and sweets and post tournament food and drinks will be provided at all the events.

A boat inspection for each boat must take place BEFORE a team can launch. If you are arriving from another launch facility by boat, you must address the assistant tournament directors to get your boat checked BEFORE the tournament begins!

Basic entry $200

Big Bass option $50 and pays back 100% to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Top Spot option $50 and pays the 1st Place team back 100%

*A one time $40.00 per person per season event fee is mandatory whether you fish one or all events 

Payback will be 80% for basic entry (70% at the events and 10% for the year-end prize) and 100% option payback.

  • SBS will be paying a 1 in 4 return into the field.
  • SBS will post all money paid in and all money paid out.

Here is a 30 team pay out example ( if all teams enter all options)

1st with Top Spot and Big Fish > $3,500

2nd with 2nd Big Fish > $1,200

3rd with 3rd Big Fish > $900

4th > $600

5th > $500

6th > $300

7th > $200


Points will be given as indicated:  100 points for 1st, 99 points for 2nd, etc. Any team that does not weigh fish (DNW) will be given 20 points for showing up. A DQ will not receive any points 

Anglers of the Year team for each region will receive a maximum of 4 basic entries in that respective region the following year worth $800.00! (there is no cash-out value) If one team wins multiple AOY’s, they will recieve a maximum of 8 free basic entries for those regions the following season or all of the regular season events for the following year. FLEX AOY will receive 6 paid basic entries

If there is a tie in any of the regions for AOY, then the team with the higher total weight for that region will win the AOY title. FLEX would be decided by the team with the most weight added up for the 3 best weights in each region for a total of 6 highest weighed events from the teams to decide the FLEX AOY tie.

You must fish all 4 events in a respective region to qualify for the Championship, and 5 events for the Flex Region with a mix of at least one event from one Region or the other (3 and 2, 4 and 1).

To qualify for Flex AOY, you must fish at least 3 events from each region with 6 events total having your 3 best finishes from each region to count toward the Flex AOY race!

*AOY entries hold no cash value

Final point totals that are a tie will be considered “one place” to decide which teams will move into the championship event.

The SBS will advance the top 6 spots from each region into the Championship. If a team qualifies in more than one active region, that team will advance through their highest point total region…..leaving a spot open where they had less points and in the Flex region. The Flex region will advance the top 8 teams at seasons end. Ties within the top 6 in Bay and Inshore as well as the top 8 in FLEX will count as one spot, e.g. if 2nd and 3rd are tied in year end points then the 7th team in Bay and or Inshore as well as 9th in FLEX points will advance

If certain qualifying prevents 6 qualifyers from advancing through both Bay and Inshore / Island Regions, the SBS will “PUSH”  the next qualifying teams through to make for a minimum of 20 teams in the Championship

If you qualify for the Championship, you will pay NO Basic ENTRY!


Tournament Entries

Submit entries (write check out to Saltwater Bass Series, cash only at tournament), proof of current boat insurance and the waiver below before or at the tournament.

Pre registration is not mandatory. You may show up and sign up

Waivers will also be provided at the events.

Important! The insurance and waiver information is needed before you fish your first event for the new season!

Saltwater Bass Series Waiver and Release

Send to:
Saltwater Bass Series
5933 East Pavo Street, Long Beach, Ca. 90808