Welcome to the Saltwater Bass Series 2018 tournament season!

Here are some things for you to remember………

ALL BASS need to measure at least 14 inches in length, mouth closed on a flat board

Keep a good sporting ethic by respecting other teams while on the water, a 25yd distance in the Bay and a 50 yard distance on the Coast needs to be maintained between teams

MLPA violations will not be tolerated, a DQ will be imposed if seen within the “cushioned” MLPA boundaries….25yds in the Bays and 50yds outside the Harbors along the Coast

If you are unsure about anything, study the rules, it is YOUR responsibility. You can always call me while on the water during a tournament with a question or to report unfair play / activities by others. Self Policing is the best deterent, please speak up if you witness unfair play!

Gerry Mahieu > 949-275-6013


January 13 > Newport Harbor (only)

Spotted Bay Bass only

5 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Newport Dunes Launch Ramp, check in at day use area

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February 17 > Mission Bay Coastal

All 3 species

5 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Boundaries > Scripps Pier to Mexico Border

Dana Landing, Mission Bay

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March 17 > San Diego Bay (only)

Spotted Bay Bass only

5 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Chula Vista Launch Ramp

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April 14 > Long Beach Night

All 3 species

4 p.m. – 2 a.m.

Point Fermin to Newport Pier

Davies Launch Ramp

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May 12 > Long Beach

Calico Bass only

5 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Point Fermin to Torrance Beach

South Shores Launch Ramp

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2018 Anglers Of the Year!


2018 Year End Qualifying and AOY Points


With the many year end points ties, we will have 19 Masters teams and 9 Rookie / Family teams for a 28 boat field!

Here is the list of qualifying teams

Matt Kobzeff / Rex McConnell

Garret Ching / Bobby Martinez

Ed Howerton / Dennis Burlason

Doug Bury / Eugene Roberts

Ryan Martin / Vince Cinquini

Andy Wright / Matt Kim

Bryan Davis / Whitney Uyeda

Al Vazquez / Chad Geirlich

Josh Marquard / Shannon Perkins

John Beerling / Ty Ponder

Marc Mills / Brett Woodward

Brian Sanner / Kerry Peeler

Al & Angel Figueras

Ken Rosburg / Gilbert Hernandez

Brandon Bliss / Jimmy Bresnahan

Tom & Valerie Handzus

Scott Reason / John Berner

Kevin Peek / Anthony Harris

Frank Wong / Tom Nitahara

Frank Santiago / Richard Jeppesen

Adam & Justin Larson

Dave Bruce / Stephen Wilcox

Rory Taylor / Connor Warren

Colton Underwood / Trevor Akiyushi

Daniel Underwood / Anthony Calderon

Danny & Conan Craig

Derek Loe / Trevor Stift

Chris Adkins / Eric Hallimore

2018 SBS Championship > Mission Bay

June 16 / 17

5 a.m. – 3 p.m. Both Days

Day One > Coastal only, Scripps to Boarder, all 3 species standard weight

Day Two > Spotties in Mission Bay only, 2x weight

Day One and Day Two to be added to decide 2018 SBS Champions

Results / Pictures



results / pics







The 2018 SBS season promises to be a great one…..many new teams have already inquired about jumping in as Rookies and will be participating side by side with the already established SBS Masters teams. Rookies fish against Rookies while the Masters duke it out with Masters…..all in the same boundaried tournament arenas. EVERYONE will see and learn from one another in these events. At the awards, everyone will eat and converse together while talking about their fishing day, bringing the SBS teams together as family. Entries for the regular season events have come down, making the tournaments more affordable for all with the same prizes to be awarded at the year end championship. EVERY championship qualifying team has a shot at walking away with a brand new 2018 Mercury 115 4-stroke motor, on top of that there will once again be lots of great year end product for the championship teams. 15 Masters and 10 Rookie teams will qualify for the no basic entry championship. Every event a team fishes grants them a poker chip to write their name on and will go into the drawing for the motor. If teams pre-pay for the season, they will get an extra chip making it 6 poker chips in the raffle for the motor. Teams must have qualified and be present at the championship to win the motor and other raffled prizes.

 Lets get your friends and family together for these, lets get the sport to once again grow to where it should be. I will continue to work hard at growing the sport but need all of you to come together, I can’t make it happen without you, the teams.

I’ve been on the phone answering many questions with many new teams coming to the SBS as Rookies wanting to fish saltwater bass tournaments. If you have any questions about the 2019 SBS season….please feel free to give me a call and I can answer whatever your concerns are

Gerry Mahieu (949)-275-6013