• All boats must be Coast Guard approved (Kayaks and Float Tubes are not allowed)
  • Proof of current liability insurance must be shown before the tournament season begins and randomly at the request of the tournament director
  • No sharing of information in any way is permitted on tournament day
  • There is a 48 HOUR pre-fish off limit for all events 
  • Driving faster than 5mph in posted / designated 5mph areas is not allowed. If witnessed by the tournament director or 2 other teams and a protest is filed, you will be DQ’d.
  • A 25 yard distance in the Bay and 50 yards in the Inshore events must be maintained between all competitors at all times
  • All bait receivers, fuel docks and MLPA boundary lines are off-limits, a 25 yard in the Bay and 50 yard outside the Bay cushion will be imposed. If you are caught fishing inside an MLPA area you will be DQ’d and will not be allowed to fish an SBS event until further is your responsibility to know the MLPA boundaries
  • Both feet of any competing angler must stay inside the boat at all times unless retrieving a snagged lure. The un-snagged lure may not be free-spooled then placed or thrown back into the water to benefit a team. You may use a restroom and your partner may still fish but must fish from within the boat
  • Re-positioning of bouys or bouy lines in no boat areas to gain casting abilities within the no boat area(s) is not allowed. Casting within a no boat area is allowed unless posted as “no fishing”. Casting into or fishing in a “no fishing” or “protected” area will be grounds for disqualification
  • You may fish over a dock into a no boat area but not over a dock into a no fishing area
  • Log Booms are not to be bypassed for any reason if they have no evident opening as they are a direct indicator stating no boat(s) beyond this point. This needs no visual posting and must be adhered to. If seen behind a "closed" Log Boom area with no rear open access, you will be subject to a DQ.
  • Trolling is not permitted in any event. Cast and retrieve only with rod in hand, rod-holders cannot assist in catching fish at any time
  • No live, dead or prepared bait is allowed (artificial lures only), scents may be used
  • Only bait tanks or livewells may be used, no stringers or baskets are allowed
  • A MESH weigh bag must be used
  • No metal Cull tags are allowed
  • If you are late to check in, a ONE POUND PER MINUTE penalty will be imposed. Example, if weigh in is at 3:00 and you check in after 3:00 but before 3:01, you are one minute late. if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be DQ’d
  • EXCEPTION to being late to check in > If you are stopped by any officer (DFW, Harbor Patrol, Lifeguard or Harbor Police) outside of a violation on your way to weigh in. Radio tournament control on CH 65 or get a business card signed with the time to present upon arriving late
  • Every event will maintain a 5 fish – 14 inch mouth closed minimum length requirement measured on a flat board for all bass retained. The weighmaster will do everything possible to get a questionable fish to reach the minimum 14 inch length requirement
  • If you weigh a short fish, that short fish will not count and a ONE POUND penalty will be imposed on the remaining fish to be weighed. If DFW is present and you are cited for the short fish, you will be DQ’d and no show up points will be awarded
  • No more than 5 fish are allowed on board unless culling. In a team format the other angler may fish while his or her partner is culling with 6 fish on board. If 7 fish are on board, no fishing by either angler is allowed
  • Laying fish on the deck to cull is not permitted
  • You are not allowed to cull any fish AFTER you have checked back in for weigh in, you may cull outside of the check in area then proceed to check in to weigh your catch with a maximum of 5 fish in the livewell
  • Dead fish will impose a .25lb deduction on the total weight. You may cull a dead fish and must be kept away from the limit to be weighed
  • Teams accumulating year-end points must fish together “or as one” that may represent the two man team. Substituting partners is not permitted. One person may fish as a team if he or she wishes
  • Life vest(s) and killswitch must be used while vessel is on plane or traveling at a speed of 10 mph or more. Life vests must be in easy reach of any boater if not being worn
  • In the event of boat failure, one team member may escort his/her fish while being transported to the weigh in by another competing team. One team may also tow another team to weigh in
  • Any protest(s) must be brought to the tournament director’s attention within 10 minutes after the final team has weighed in. Protester(s) must have visible evidence (picture/video) and / or another competing team as a witness in order for a disqualification to go into effect – unless the tournament director him/her self sees or assistant tournament director along with another participating team as witness see the infraction
  • All Naval controlled areas in the Bays are considered off limits and obtain a 25 yard cushion
  • All MLPA enforced areas will be off-limits. All participating SBS teams are responsible for knowing the MLPA closure areas. Commercial Lobster bouys (during the season) that create a line at or near the MLPA line will be used as a reference and positioning at or beyond that line is not allowed with the impression that casts will be made within the MLPA area. Pre and post Lobster season, a 50 yard cushion above and below the closure area lines will be in effect AT ALL TIMES.  Any written tickets or warnings in violation of law issued by DFW, Harbor Patrol or any other authorized agencies for this or any other infraction(s) will result in disqualification
  • All known and publicly stated State Reserves include the same 50 yard cushion as MLPA boundary rules
  • Any violation of the above rules by a team or angler will induce an automatic disqualification, sacrificing all paid entries and point accumulation (as a no-show) for the event in which the violation took place
  • Blatant Cheating will ban any team wanting to participate in any further SBS events
  • CHANNEL 65 will be the SBS communication channel

Anglers Duties

It is the responsibility of the anglers to report any rule violation(s) to the tournament director if witnessed during an event. This self policing will help maintain a level playing field for all. Remember that proof must be presented in form of picture, video or another team for the tournament director to be able to take action. There can be no grey area whatsoever. If proof cannot be presented then please understand that action will not be taken

Angler Code of Conduct

Anglers participating in any SBS event shall observe this code of conduct and the applicable rules for the specific event in which they are participating. Anglers shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manner that demonstrates integrity, honor and respect toward fellow competitors and tournament staff and does not reflect unfavorably on the SBS or its sponsors

Proper sporting ethics and good sportsmanship shall be expected from all SBS competing teams.  Sportsmanship is defined as fair play, respect for opponents and polite behavior while competing within the SBS events.

Social Media

It is an obligation of competitors to refrain from comments through social media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of the SBS and its sponsors. Responsible expressions of legitimate disagreement with SBS rules or policies are encouraged; however, attacks upon the integrity of the rules and or the SBS will not be tolerated

The Saltwater Bass Series reserves the right to refuse service / participation to any team when felt necessary to preserve the integrity and or growth of the SBS.

**Angler Of the Year titles hold no cash value